Police are looking for witnesses – no more memory: elderly person hit by car?


A 76-year-old cyclist suffered head injuries in an accident in Innsbruck on Monday morning. The older woman may have been hit by a car. The woman herself cannot remember anything. That is why the police are now looking for possible witnesses.

Did the 76-year-old woman from Innsbruck fall on her bicycle through her own fault? Or was she hit by a vehicle? The police are currently still dealing with a mystery in this regard. “The woman no longer remembers the incident,” a spokesperson told the Krone.

The researchers are hoping for eyewitnesses
In any case, the accident happened at the intersection on Monday morning around 10:30 am Schlachthofgasse/Matthias-Schmid-Strasse. It was said that the pensioner suffered a head injury. It cannot be ruled out that there was a collision with a vehicle.

To gain clarity about what happened to the accident, investigators are now hoping for possible eyewitnesses.

Useful information for the Innsbruck Traffic Inspectorate on the telephone number: 059133/7591.

Source: Krone


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