They filter Jenni Hermoso’s statement: “I didn’t feel respected”


After everything that happened in the Women’s World Cup final in between Luis Rubiales and Jenni Hermosountil now the player’s voice has not been heard since his statement to the prosecutor was leaked on the Mediaset program ‘Code 10’.

A statement before the prosecutor of, assured by the aforementioned media, 45 minutes in which the player narrated the entire moment of celebration in which Rubiales kissed him. “He jumped on me and I stayed firm so as not to fall. He told me: “We won this World Cup because of you.” and I remember that I told him: “What we messed up” and I don’t remember. whatever, I didn’t hear anything after he kissed me. The first thing I said to Alexia and Irene when I saw them on the podium was that Rubiales kissed me. And they said to me: Yes? How strong.”

One version, this one from Jenni, was confirmed by people after a few days Irene and Alexia in court and also reported by the aforementioned media. “He told me that they kissed him but I thought it was the Queen or something like that,” says ‘Codigo 10’ that Irene Paredes said.

Later, the version of Jennifer Hermoso He continued talking about the impact of the matter a few hours later. “I wouldn’t expect what happened and I think I was being subjected to something that I never looked for. At that moment I went into shock. I didn’t have time to react.”

“My feeling at that moment was that I didn’t want to steal the spotlight from what happened to me. I wanted to protect my teammates and I didn’t want to act differently because of what happened. It was something historical that happened to us, there was champagne, beer and a wonderful atmosphere in locker room. I tried to be brave and didn’t want to miss that moment of celebration. I didn’t see the image of the kiss until they showed it to me in the locker room and when we see the pictures we confirm that it’s in the past”.

Reactions in the locker room

“I was in the locker room and suddenly the sports director came in and told me that the president was calling me and told me to come out. There he said to me: “Jenni, the kiss, a lot of talk happened. like that, like… “And that’s when I told him “I know what happened and it’s not right. You know what will fall upon you. You don’t have to tell me anything. to feel a little uncomfortable and that something strange is happening.” That’s when I became more aware, in the middle of the celebration.”

Relationship with Rubiales then

“My relationship with him was from player to president. A normal relationship.”

Source: La Verdad


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