The RB19 flies over Austin to show off its livery for the United States GP


F1 has been experiencing a huge following boom in the United States in recent years thanks to the huge success of the Netflix series ‘Drive to Survive’ and the huge promise of the ‘Grand Circus’ for more spectacular races in an important market like American. For this reason, and because of the importance of this market for everyone, every time F1 sets foot on American soil, the promotional events become more and more impressive. Act with stars from the NBA, NFL, and even flying cars. This is not a joke. That’s what Red Bull did in Austin in the run-up to the F1 United States GP. The champion team of this year’s World Championship of Constructors and Drivers (Verstappen), presented itself at the North American event with a car flying through the skies of Austin attached to a helicopter. A fantastic way to attract everyone’s attention to show off your special decoration for this race.

Red Bull will compete in the RB19 of Max Verstappen and ‘Checo’ Pérez in the F1 United States GP with a new ‘livery’ designed by Franco Cavallone, an Argentine graphic designer who won a contest organized by the Austrian team so that his special That design is coming to the energy drink car in Austin. This livery adds the stars and stripes of the American flag on the sides of the car to the team’s signature livery, something the home team, Haas, will also do on their car.

It should be noted that Red Bull has already competed in a special livery in Miami, the first American event on the calendar, and will do the same in Las Vegas, the main novelty on the F1 calendar this year.

Source: La Verdad


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