One spontaneously jumped on stage to hug Alonso and this is his reaction


Fernando Alonso He is one of the most loved drivers on the grid. Clearly in the reception of the fans of F1 in all the Grand Prix, both in the ‘Fan Zone’ found in all the circuits, where the Asturian attends like all the drivers once every weekend to make announcements, but also in promotional events. In Tokyo it unleashed madness a few weeks ago. And now, on Mexicoin an event by Boss, one of its sponsors, there was actually a mass bath in a shopping center in Mexico City.

The presence of the Asturian caused thousands of people to gather in the shopping center, filling the entire ground floor in front of the stage where Fernando will appear, but also the two upper floors and the entrance of the shopping center, all is full of fans who want to see the Spaniard before the F1 Mexican GP.

A fan jumped up and hugged Alonso

In this event, a fan jumped onto the stage where Alonso was and grabbed the Asturian from behind, without the pilot seeing him. The spontaneous man hugged Alonso, who was completely terrified when he didn’t see the fan coming. However, the networks highlighted the remarkable reaction of Fernando Alonso, who instead of freaking out and turning around to push the fan, continued smiling by throwing stones at the crowd. Security personnel did react and quickly removed this fan, who achieved his dream of hugging his idol.

Source: La Verdad


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