Tonali is kept in the ‘refrigerator’


Sandro Tonali, The Newcastle midfielder, is not training these days with his teammates while waiting for FIFA to clarify the terms of your gambling penalty, for which he was suspended for ten months without playing.

However, both It did not clarify whether he could continue training with his teammates, which is why, as Eddie Howe, Newcastle United coach, explained in a press conference, the Italian continued in Newcastle, with the group, but without training. “We continue hoping to clear it up for us,” the English coach said on Tuesday.

Following similar charges, Ivan Toney, who was suspended for eight months for breaking the English federation’s betting rules 262 times, was without being able to train for the first four months of his sanction. The English forward did not rejoin sessions with his team-mates until mid-September and will not play again until mid-January.

Tonali’s punishment, like his countryman’s Nicolo Fagioli (Juventus), will also include eight months of “alternative punishment” including 16 awareness talks, follow-up treatment to combat gambling addiction and a financial fine of 20,000 euros.

Source: La Verdad


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