UEFA severely punished what happened in Serbia-Montenegro


He UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Committee yesterday adopted harsh sanctions on the Federations of Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. Penalties applicable to final qualifying matches for German Euro Cup.

The fine is especially harsh for everything that happened to Serbia – Montenegro on October 17, 2023.

start of Serbia with a fine of more than 90,000 euros.

First, fine 50,000 euros and order the stadium to be closed for the next home game because of the racist behavior of its fans.

Ticket sales on the Serbian black market

A second fine of 10,000 euros for not controlling the sale of tickets, for not taking measures against ticket sellers on the black market and for not conducting security personnel checks at entrance doors or gates and exit. A third of 6,500 euros for launching the flares and another 750 euros for lighting them.

The list of fines is completed with 8,000 euros for blocking public roads and 14,000 euros for using laser pointers.

In the same meeting the UEFA all right Montenegro with 15,000 euros and banning the sale of tickets to their away fans for the next qualifying match. Also for the racist behavior of his followers. Another 5,000 euros for damage and throwing objects. He now has 30 days to negotiate with the Serbian Federation for the damage caused by his followers, particularly the 205 broken chairs.

Partial closure of the 6,000-seat Croatian stadium

In the case of the Croatian Federation it was as a result of the match against Turkey on October 13.

The disciplinary body decided to implement the sanction suspended by UEFA Appeals Committee on its decision on October 2, 2023 to order the partial closure of the 1,000-seat Croatian Football Federation stadium for its next home match.

In addition, a fine of 30,000 euros and another partial closure of the stadium with another 5,000 seats for the next home match. Harsh punishment as a result of the racist behavior of his followers.

UEFA obliges the Croatian Federation to inform UEFA before the match of the sector or sectors to be closed for 6,000 seats (1,000 plus 5,000 seats). In addition, a second fine of 1000 euros for lighting flares

Source: La Verdad


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