Zubimendi, the best pivot in the League


It hurts to say after losing. But it is a fact that is hard to deny almost in 2024. Perhaps Real’s competitive jump in big games, in the Champions League and against the Spanish transatlantic teams, may have helped the most skeptics or those who saw it firsthand in his play, but the truth comes from behind. This is nothing new or surprising Xavi and Barça sighed and pushed him. It would be remiss not to do so, especially since they have so much trouble getting the ball even to add another piece to the first line. “Half of Europe wants it”, as I would say Imanoland it makes all the sense in the world for exhibitions of fundamentals like the one on Saturday night at Anoeta, before Gavi, Gundogan, Peter, João Felix and company. Barça is famous for positional play, but the current reality, including last night’s game, says that Real do it better.

Owner of time and space

He knows when, where, how and why to move up the field to receive the ball, find it or steal it in the best way. But he also knows where to help his team the most, depending on the needs of the moment.

Against Barça, he varied between the fifth defender, as a left center back or center back in the middle, and an all-field pivot. It is difficult to decide between his virtues with or without the ball. But what is clear is that it destroyed any strategy Xavi to dominate the fight. Real dominated him, he dominated him. He is always free to take the ball. The useful resource for Le Normand and Zubeldia, cannot be determined for culés. Move in 1-2 taps, guided where you want to find another space or skip a line. ‘Give it to me, I am not afraid and I know where to get it,’ he had to say in any emergency.

If he dominates there, his ability to steal, cause mistakes or force people to play backwards under pressure is not far behind. The delivery of the culé ball was poor, but it didn’t look good because of the realistic harassment. Zubimendi He expects, he steals on the ground, he dominates high and has enough intelligence to put a teammate at an advantage, the moment he steals or the theft itself.

Have fun and enjoy

He added a total of 85% in passing, a percentage that was clear at halftime and until his teammates ran out of energy to break away. He is as accurate as few others who play distance and jump a line. He saw the yellow card forced by the loss of braise but he knows how to do it on time and play it. He also grows into his role as a reacher. Looking forward, driving a few meters and reaching the right place is starting to become normal for him.

Enjoying this, playing the way he plays, competing as a team like this and wanting to beat anyone, despite what happened last night, it seems strange that he wants to leave without stepping back into the project in between, but ready he. for anything.

Source: La Verdad


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