Full domain, no prize


I think we all left the stadium with the same feeling and angry phrase of ‘I saw it coming’. Because Real is insultingly better, because Barça has been reduced to absolutely nothing, and because the one who deserves victory is the local team, led so well by Imanol from the blackboard and Zubimendi in green. But, above all, because Real missed many chances, and also dangerous attacking actions that did not even end up in a shooting situation.

Infuriating “a great team” like Real, as they say xavi, nullifying the rival in this way and getting so many favorable balls to attack, did not have a day of clarity in making the final decisions. Mistakes in this matter are serious. It’s even surprising, given the football, technical, tactical and mental brilliance of this squad. It is clear that by forgiving a team like Barcelona in such a way, the return will come in the cruelest way. Even more so everyone in Anoeta, including the culés, noticed that the fuel of most of the royalists in green was reserved. Perhaps fresh legs are needed, more or less trust is placed in the substitutes, and not only thinking about holding for the final stage, but also the crucial clash next Wednesday against Benfica. Perhaps for many more important than this.

the fierce anger of Imanol to not win. Understandable because he already considers that Real are good and they have to compete to win, because chances fly like points. And the domain without prize is no longer valid.

Source: La Verdad


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