Leader and favorite Olot rides a new ‘ride’


Vilassar Mar-Olot

Field: Municipal Xevi Ramon 17.00

Vilassar Mar: Alex Baño; Sergi Caballero, Óscar Reche, Batalla, Joel Bona; Granero, Esteve Monterde; Ferri, Junior, Youssef; Marc Rio. Replacements: Carles Santaló (ps), Bocardo, Íker Oltra, Osuman, Aleix Díaz, Joel Gómez and Nils Puchades.

Olot: Battle; Pau Juvanteny, Barnils, Uri Ayala, David Bigas; Del Campo, Urri, Uri González; Moha, Marc Mas and Pablo Ufano or Arnau Forés. Replacements: Èric Mourín (ps), Marc Roquet, Manzano, Albert Blázquez, Maynau and Guillem Terma.

Referee: Enric Bureu Méndez. Barcelona.

After winning the difficult field of Mollerussa, the leader and the great favorite Olot faced his second trip in a row, this time he went to the Municipal Xevi Ramon to measure his strength with a Vilassar Mar that is getting stronger after his survival at the last moment last season, thanks to Sant Andreu’s victory in Salamanca.

The Maresme team will be hoping to make things very difficult for the La Garrotxa squad. The red and white of Albert Aybar ‘Peque’ were left without the help of the injured Alberto, Oriol Molins and Álex Montalbán suffering from knee discomfort. Esteve Monterde, who did not attend Nou Barris, returned the call. Olot still does not rely on Bruno Perone and Marcos Gil.

Mamau is out because of the five cards, not the red


Field: Municipal La Devesa

Rapitenca: Dan Reverté; Álex Forés, Carlos Scheckermann, Xavier Samper, Moussa; Pachu, Grandfather Garrido; Airan Benito, Gerard Vergé, Adam; Barragan. Replacements: Cristian (ps), Chico Díaz, Ian Arques, Álex Samper, Gian, Saragossa and Íker Adell.

L’Hospitalet: gorse; Rubi, Vitalie, Isa, Marc Vicente; Albert López, Lobato. Ton Alcover or Canario, Joel Lasso; Adán Cabrera and Óscar Gómez. Replacements: Carles Segura (ps), Sehou, Èric Cañete, Raúl Ferrer, Jaume Fernández and Oumar.

Referee: Toni Ramirez Plaza. Delegation of Vallès Occidental.

After drawing at Castelldefels, a point that was too little for them, Rapitenca will be hoping that their strong rivals will not react after suffering their two consecutive defeats. The Montsià team was left without Reolid, Edet, David Iserte and David Escudero. The ‘Hospi’ suspended their coach Joan Sánchez, Raúl Martínez and Mamau for two games due to accumulation, as the direct red card he saw was void as it was a fortuitous play. Sanku and Sergi Torres were injured.

El Prat faces an unprecedented Mollerussa outside


Field: Municipal Sagnier 12.00

Pratt: Adri Rojas; Iván Torres, Héctor, Tomás Peñalba, Valentín; Dani Molina, Ferran Sarsanedas, Corominas; Álvaro Cordero, Ashot and Julen. Replacements: Aitor Mujika (ps), Yusef, Isaac Padilla, Miguel, David Adán, Álex Plaza and Miki Puerto.

Mollerussa: Lluc Gibert; Bernat, Joan Domingo, Nico, Joel Porté; Moró, Jordi Ars, Nil Sauret, Jordi Puig; Genís Soldevila and Jofre Graells. Replacements: Enric (ps), Adri Fernández, Pau Font, Albert Delgado, Lamin, Matías Sempé and Putxi.

Referee: Jan Cobos Pujol. Delegation of Figueres.

El Prat, with very high morale after their victory in the ‘Hospi’ field, will face a Mollerussa team that still does not know what it means to score away, because it has dropped its four that previous trips and, besides, still defeated himself. first point in his Municipality at the hands of leader Olot. Miguel Ángel Motoso, coach of the ‘potablava’ team, was left without Pol Moles, Pino and Lamelas. In the Pla d’Urgell squad, its coach Jordi Cortés will not have Guillem Porta in his ranks.

Montañesa repeats at home, now with Peralada


Field: Municipal Nou Barris

Mountain: Èric Fernández; Linares, Moyano, Joel Cañaveras, Marc Muñoz; Lluis Bargalló or Amate, Montoya or Gabaldón, Èric Ruiz, Juaco; Kevin Alarcón and Izuchi. Replacements: Josep (ps), Iván Ortega, Rolo, Andrés and Xavi Murcia.

Peralada: Jona Morilla Santi Varese, Micaló, Sergi Romero, Ferri; Pol Cuatrecases, Pol Gómez; Júnior, Jandro, Llorenç Busquets or Marc Gelmà; Mark Padilla. Replacements: Lluc Ferrer (ps), Pere Espuña, Alan Baró, Kemo, Dani Gómez and Íker Vázquez.

Referee: Pol Fonts Alabau. Delegation of Tarragona.

After beating Vilassar Mar with great difficulty, Montañesa wants to extend the streak of success in the ‘bombonera’ at the expense of a Peralada that is on the rise. The Nou Barris team has suspended its coach Raúl Paje, while Pablo Chacón, Suaibo, Kevin Díaz and Wilber remain absent. The new addition to the call is Xavi Murcia, after a long absence. Peralada, led by Álex Marsal, are without Carles Gallardo and Adri Méndez in their ranks.

Vilafranca secured the signing of Dani Rubio

Vilafranca-Pobla Mafumet

Field: Municipal 12.00

Vilafranca: Varus; Cuadras or Dani Rubio, Carlos García, Cunill, Pere Haro; Pedro Bilbao, Frutos, Enric Bernat, Sergi Cadena; Jordi Aumatell and Martí de Castro. Replacements: Damià (ps), Sergi Escofet, Stephan, Cañas, Genís Cargol, David Toro and Toti.

Pobla Mafumet: Cesar Pirot; Quirós, Flemming, Urbina, Boaz, Marcel; Santi Guzmán, Pugi, Arnau Sans; Joan Torrents and Dani Garcia. Replacements: Josep (ps), Luiz, Gerardo, Aleix Grabulosa, Danilo, José Enrique and Bolado.

Referee: Gerard Rius Riu. Delegation of Osona.

Vilafranca, who acquired the services of right-back Dani Rubio from Marchamalo and last season was in Cornellà’s youth team, occupy the penultimate position, having accumulated only one point from the last 18 played and came from receiving their third 3-0 of the season against Peralada. Their rivals, Pobla, are fourth, but have a game in hand. Santi Triguero released Èric Ruiz and Èric Vía. Adri Toro and Toti are doubtful. Hamza was suspended by the reserve team.

Badalona, ​​to score again against Tona


Field: Municipality 11.45

tone: David Aroca Pol Fernández, Dan Coll, Lluc Banús, Generó; Didac Serra, Èric Vilanova, Escarrabill, Pijuan; Nil Salarich and Campayo. Replacements: Othman (ps), Pius Quer, Casca, Adrià Casanova, Arnau Prat, Eloi Sánchez and Toni Sureda.

Badalona: Craviotto; Cristian Márquez, Estellés, Manrique, De Marco; Batanero, Marcus, Joel Armengol; Arnau Roca, Walid and Toni Larrosa. Replacements: Marc Arnau (ps), Adri Rivas, Vinicius, Abel Cortina, Sergio Romero, Carlos and Kilian Durán.

Referee: Xavier Ariño Jimenez. Baix Llobregat Delegation.

Last season, this match closed the championship and ended in a draw (1-1), so Badalona will want to score again and debut away from home, although Tona wants to maintain its second position. Ricard Farrés was left without Aimar, Pau Morer and Álex Jiménez with the Dominican Republic team. Santi Álvarez will not have Juan Forlín, Dani Homet and Peña.

San Cristóbal is confident that the subsidiary will continue through the crisis

Girona B-San Cristobal

Field: Municipal of Riudarenes 12.00

Girona B: Josevi; Dmytro, Marc Aznar, Antal, Almansa; Ot Serrano, Gerard González, Silvi Clua, Enric García; Iker Almena and Minsu. Replacements: Lucas García (ps), Suzuki, Sánchez, Sergi Solans, Leo, Morcillo and Javi Sarasa.

San Cristobal: Alex Lázaro; Montoro, Max Llovera, Ricki, Joan Cervós; Yaray, Carlos Olmo, Miguel; Abde, Jordi Ranera and Mario Cantí. Replacements: Marc Priego (ps), Álex Otero, Òscar Sierra, Joao, Enric Vallès, Sergio Rey and Lamine.

Referee: David Caro Gallardo. Delegation of Maresme.

San Cristóbal is confident that the reserve team will not come out of its crises, as it has not yet won in its Municipal de Riudarenes, as the only game that went to its side was in Vilafranca. For this match, parish coach Dani Andreu was left without the help of Roger Escamilla and Guillem Vilà. Guille Hernández the doubt.

L’Escala is seeking a third victory in its territory


Field: Municipal Nou Miramar 12.00

L’Escala: Marc Quer; Xavi Aparicio, Nil Congost, Jordi Bas, Pol Bastidas; Pablo Calvete, Iván Amoedo, Ramírez, Josu Curráis; Eric Pimentel and Jordi Xumetra. Replacements: Nil (ps), David Grifell, Genís Balaguer, Fortu, Izan, Ibuki and Alan.

FEG: Sergio; Dani, Juan Carlos Oliver, Guillem Trilla, Fernando, Roger, Peris, Aliou, Iván, Nil and Padillo. Replacements: Castell (ps), Eloi, Ángel, Alberto, Biel, Marc and Álvaro.

Referee: Oriol Cartiel Arasa. Delegation of Vallès Occidental.

After losing a game in which they could have scored at La Pobla Mafumet, l’Escala will try to achieve their third victory at Nou Miramar. Arnau Salas’ team knows the need to add three points, because the next three rivals at home are very complicated: Badalona, ​​​​l’Hospitalet and Olot. For this match the Alt Empordà team injured Nacho Ferretti, Peter Valencia, Burama, Maha and Uri Argelés who broke a toe and had to undergo surgery.

Source: La Verdad


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