La Ponferradina came out on top for promotion


Mistakes in both areas resulted in burial options SD Ponferradina to dispute, for the first time in its history and in the year of its Centenary, the stage of promotion to LaLiga Santander.

Ang CD Leganes he just had to take advantage of the gifts on defense and endure attacks, inaccurate and too fast, the result of anxiety, from the local team that caused him to reach the final day at Lezama against relegated SD amorebietathere are no options.




Ponferradine: Amir; Paris (Yuri, M. 55), Copete, Pascanu, Ríos Reina; Dani Ojeda, Erik Morán (Kuki Zalazar, M. 75), Agus Medina, José Naranjo (Saúl, M. 87); Espiau (Hernández, M. 87) and Sergi Enrich.

Leganes: Danger (Dani Jiménez, M. 67); Omeruo, Bruno, Sergio; Nyom, Rober Ibáñez (Naim, M. 80), Gaku, Cissé (Eraso, M. 84), Bustinza; Juan Muñoz (Qasmi, M. 67) and Borja Garcés (Bárcena, M. 67).

Referee: Luis Mario Milla Alvendiz (Andalusian committee). He advised Ríos Reina (M. 34), Erik Morán (M. 37), Dani Ojeda (M. 43), Hernández (M. 95), Pascanu (M. 97) for Ponferradina; Bustinza (M. 41), Nyom (M. 48), Qasmi (M. 89) for CD Leganés.

The objectives: 0-1, Borja Garcés (M. 6); 0-2, Borja Garces; 0-3, Naim (M. 84)

Incidents: LaLiga SmartBank’s matchday 41 match was played at El Toralín stadium before 7,361 spectators.

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The start showed give and take in both places, first after a free kick from queen riversin this case the shipment of And Medinaand then Juan Muñoz ended up at the mouth of the goal and saved Erik Moran | in front of the local goalkeeper.

The nervousness and anxiety of the Cercians were immediately manifested in a mistake between two central defenders who left the ball one-on-one against Amir Abedazadeh which he comfortably beat to pour the first pitcher of cold water into a packed El Toralín.

The team tested Jon Perez Bolo immediate reaction, with a free kick from the edge of the goal area Jose Naranjo brushing against the pole, but what he saw was another blow of the hammer, on a new mistake from the rearguard he took advantage of it, a second time, Borja Garces in, after dribbling the Iranian goalkeeper, put 0-2.

Deportiva continued to look for him and saw him with a leaked ball on the rise of Paris Adot, whose delivery found Omeruo when Edu Espiau was already savoring the shot on an empty goal.

But the clearest chance would come after a cross from Dani Ojeda hit Gaku, signaling Luis Mario Milla Alvendiz for the first time, maximum penalty but, after reviewing the video arbitration, the decision was corrected.

In the midst of local pressure, two more chances came, when José Naranjo, with everything in his favor to figure out where to put the ball, ended up slapping his head, fleeing out of Risk portal, which in extension gets a good hand from a direct corner kick. from queen rivers.

The blue and white pressure became heavy within the continuous arrival and shots just lacking precision against a rival that blocked his place in enduring the pouring rain, Bolo put more artillery in entry of captain Yuri de Souza.

The bombing was continuous like José Naranjo’s point-blank shot when the goal was called and Asier Riesgo’s face was found to need to be replaced, taking advantage of Medhi Nafti to give oxygen to his team by varying the attack partner and giving entry to Barcena Y Qashmi.

Exactly the first had a third on a counter with a poison shot from outside the area to which he responded Abedzadeh with a good hand, but unavoidable sentence, on the eleventh mistake that left Naim alone to make the final 0-3.

Source: La Verdad


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