Box Confidential: 18 days left, Team Repsol without its second driver


Only 18 days left, Team Repsol without its second driver.

These are the days left until Joan Mir’s new teammate can ride the Repsol Honda Team’s second Honda. And so many rumors and names were being circulated that Alberto Puig, the team manager, had to leave his comfort zone – total silence – to deny, confirm and clarify the situation. Puig rejected the option that was on everyone’s lips for 24 hours, the arrival of young Aldeguer, taking advantage of the appearance to explain that the call to replace Marc Márquez would be a rider with MotoGP experience. He admitted that time was running out, confirmed that Honda had evaluated drivers without contracts – Di Giannantonio and Pols Espargaró – and in passing explained the offer of others under contract, such as Maverick Viñales, who is currently under of the contract. an agreement signed by Aprilia until the end of 2024. On the other hand, Luca Marino, brother of Valentino Rossi, acknowledges that he has dedicated himself… The chaos in the ranks of HRC; In any case, Japan will decide… only 18 days left.

The MotoGP ‘little train’.

Understanding through the ‘small train’ the trend established in MotoGP of waiting in the pit lane on the motorcycle for the start of a faster rider to attach to his wheel and achieve what he could not do alone. As I recall, this was a dynamic established by Marc Márquez when Honda lost its competitiveness. At the time this attitude was strongly criticized, but at this point it is a strategy that everyone has adopted. Well, not all, there are some of the old school who prefer to do things on their own merits, but I don’t know how long these last Mohicans are, because some quixote is becoming anachronistic. The other day, Simon Crafar, former GGPP rider and transmission specialist at commented: “There have always been people who want to hang on to a wheel, but if the rider in front is against following, because I respect your partner, give up; Now it’s not like that.” It would be the regulations, it would be logical and not doing it would probably be stupid, but the ‘small train’ thing in MotoGP gets on my nerves, I don’t like it.

The pipampum x 4 by Aleix Espargaró.

Aleix Espargaró appeared this afternoon in the Sepang press room with the fingers of his right hand tucked into an ice bag and his left elbow bandaged. With an unfriendly face he clarified… “They did me bad! Putting two stitches in my elbow, and in my hand, my fingers are very painful.” This war report of Aleix is ​​the result of what is probably a new Guinness Record: three times falling in the same session, and four on the same day. “The first one was nothing, I went off on a curve, totally my fault; The last one was very fast in turn #5,” he commented with a naturalness that assumes that bouncing against the asphalt is included in the ground , even four times in the same day. Ibuprofen tonight before going to bed and tomorrow morning, nothing, to return to the two directions of Sepang at 340 km/h… And then they talk about bullfighters.

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