Immobile, ‘capocannoniere’ by beating Vlahovic


The forward of Lazio Ciro Immobile prevailed in his personal battle to become the top scorer of the season against the Serbian Dusan Vlahovićwhich cannot match Italian international records.

Not moving Y Vlahović They challenged each other throughout the season. If one scores, the other signs a brace. They got better, but ‘biancoceleste’ finished above the table with 27 goals, three more than the player of Juventusand reaffirms its status as ‘capocannoniere’.

The ‘laziali’ captain has retained the crown since last season, where he became the top scorer with 25 goals. This campaign needed to improve its records after the emergence of a Dusan Vlahović that deflated in the latter part of the season and that it never reached the numbers Cyrusinjured in the last two games.

And it is that, while the Serbian has scored four goals in his last ten games, the Italian has signed six at the same time, but has not played two of them due to injury.

In fact, Argentine Lautaro Martínez will soon match the new signing of ‘old woman‘. After a fantastic end to the season, ‘Toro’ finished the campaign with 21 goals, three behind Vlahovićin what was his most prolific course in front of the goal in his career.

They completed the top-5 English Tammy Abraham and the Argentine Giovanni Simeon with 17 goals to his credit each, which are the offensive references of Rome Y Greece Veronarespectively

Source: La Verdad


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