Neymar, denounced in France by his former domestic worker


Neymar has been denounced in France by a former Brazilian domestic worker who claims he worked for him without being discharged for two years when he was at Paris Saint-Germain, according to Le Parisien newspaper published on Wednesday.

The newspaper confirmed that Marcia, a 35-year-old Brazilian without papers, is demanding 368,000 euros from the player before a labor court in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, outside Paris, for employing him between January 2021 and October of 2022 without its legal registration and other offenses in accordance with French law.

The complainant maintained, according to the newspaper, that he worked every day of the week and was paid in cash.

Among the reported crimes are, in addition to undeclared work, the infernal speed imposed, the non-payment of overtime hours and the lack of paid vacations and health insurance.

Marcia said she was forced to work until fifteen days before the birth of her fourth child and, after the birth, she was not hired.

He started working on Ney’s birthday party

According to the complaint, the employee worked for Neymar at his 27th birthday party in February 2019, before occasionally becoming a kitchen assistant and, from January 2021, he began to be permanently at the footballer’s service.

Her tasks, she says, range from cleaning to doing the footballer’s partner’s nails. Bruna Biancardi.

The lawsuit was accompanied by messages exchanged between Marcia and Neymar’s personal assistant that would confirm the woman’s work at the Brazilian player’s home.

Their schedules

He added that he worked 9 hours a day from Monday to Thursday, six on Friday and Saturday and 7 on Sunday, at a rate of 15 euros per hour and double that on holidays.

Although he did not have a payroll, he wrote down the hours in a notebook, which was also given into evidence.

He went to a humanitarian association

She said that, abandoned after the birth of her fourth child, she had to turn to charity from humanitarian associations to feed her family, until she contacted an association that helps Brazilian women with problems with France who contacted him. two lawyers.

Before Neymar left Paris to play in Saudi Arabia, they sent him, he said, an email to ask for a peaceful solution to the dispute and, in the absence of a response, he decided to go to labor justice.

Source: La Verdad


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