Three things have changed since Xavi went to Qatar


Xavi He lifted the Champions League in Berlin and, with 767 games under his belt, he went to Qatar. First as a player, then as a coach. When he returned to Barça to rest Koeman, three things have changed significantly: the fans in the stadium, playing without Messi and the rule of 5 substitutions. In his first games at Camp Nou, Xavi realized that the fans had changed their skin and attitude.

The roar, so cruel to so many players, disappeared at the same time that the oldest Barcelona fans, those from crossing the desert in the 60s and 70s, became victims of Covid or, simply, of passing period. Playing without Messi is still football. Xavi lived it, as a player, before him and now he has to suffer it, as a coach, after him. No more magicians to save you an endless thick match. Without Leo, the purpose of saving, the purpose that came from nothing, is almost lost. However, a League was won… And in football, now, more than ever. The possibility of 5 substitutions, and of changing half the pieces of the field, gives a lot of physical space to the rivals, who can go the full 90 minutes.

Football, in this measure, has been equal. What hasn’t changed, from 2015 to now, is the press. Check what was said about Luis Enrique and Barça of the trident in November 2014 and you can see, even then, a draw is taken as a drama and a defeat is the end of the world. Then the Triplet was won and another beautiful truth of football was demonstrated: memory is very short.

Source: La Verdad


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