Friday’s schedule won’t help Alcaraz in his quest for the semifinals


The panorama of Carlos Alcaraz In his first ATP Finals he made a radical turn in forty-eight hours. What is all negative after the debut with a defeat against the German Alexander Zverev became a positive sign after what happened on the second day of the Red Group.

Not only did the results align with the Spaniard, 20 years old and world number, but he himself changed the negative trend in recent weeks. After three consecutive defeats on the circuit, something that has never been done in his career on the ATP Tour, he was once again associated with success, which came by regaining the sparkle and smile that was common in his sporting events.

With his win in two sets Andrey Rublev later joined by victory in two sets of Daniel Medvedev about Alexander Zverev. The sign and force of the results allow Carlos Alcaraz to reach the final day, this Friday, depending on himself to achieve one of the two places for Saturday’s semifinals.

It will be measured in a Daniel Medvedev already classified. Carlos Alcaraz he needs to beat the Russian, which could give him the option of leading the group if it’s in two sets or in three if Alexander Zverev lose to Andrey Rublevthrown out of any equation.

The schedule won’t help Carlos Alcaraz, who will experience the match differently if he knows Zverev lost to Rublev. It won’t be like that.

Alcaraz and Medvedev will open this Friday at 2:30 pmwhich also means a bigger margin of recovery for Saturday’s semifinals, considering that the Green Group ends this Thursday, it has a bigger margin.

If he wins, Alcaraz will enter the semifinals. If you lose, you will have to wait for the evening match, which will be moved forward by half an hour, at 8:30 pm Zverev lost to Rublev, even though he has beaten the German three times this season.

In Alcaraz-Medvedev, 2-2, although Charly is 2-1 this year, despite losing the last one, the US Open semifinals. He was stronger in the final of Indian Wells and in the semis of Wimbledon. Razed.

The event will be televised on Movistar Plus+. You can follow it streaming on TennisTV. And live on the Mundo Deportivo WEBSITE.

Source: La Verdad


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