Ter Stegen on Neuer: “We had no problems between us”


Every time there is a national team break, the debate about ownership of the Barça goal comes up. In the long-term loss of Neuer Ter Stegen managed to establish himself as the starting goalkeeper, but with the goalkeeper’s recovery from Bavaria Those questions arise again about who should be the starting goalkeeper of the Bavarian team.

In reference to this he spoke Ter Stegenwho showed the highest respect to the one who until now has been the international starting goalkeeper: “We have been together in the national team for more than ten years and the relationship is characterized by great mutual respect. The communication and support is always good and “We never had problems between us and we always had a very good competition at the professional level.”

He spoke about the statements of Michael Ballack who recently said yes Neuer will return, it will be the undisputed number 1 of Germany: “The great thing about living outdoors Germany That’s why you can’t hear everything (laughs). Everyone is free to express their opinion. “The only thing that matters to me is being fit and performing well, and that’s the only way I want to prove myself.”

One who is one of the leaders of Barcelona spoke about the fact that his captain entered Germany and the star signing of the last cule summer market, Gundogan: “Ilkay is very important to us and gives us a lot of peace of mind thanks to his experience.”

The German, who is facing his tenth season as a Barça player, confirmed that he is very happy and used to the city: “I am very comfortable in Barcelona. Barcelona “It’s nice and people treat me and my family with a lot of respect, and that makes me feel like I’m in the right place and that I made the right decisions in the past.”

To conclude, Ter Stegen praised the great role of Girona this season: “I take my hat off to what Girona In the last three years, I have admired the calmness and determination with which they have played.

Source: La Verdad


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