Alonso and Aston Martin have this goal between their eyebrows for the Abu Dhabi GP


The Formula 1 World Championship lowers the blinds this weekend on 2023 with the Abu Dhabi GPa race that will not change the first places in the championship, neither drivers nor teams, but which presents the most interesting incentives.

One of them is finding out who will sit fourth in the Constructors’ World Championship.. McLaren currently hold that spot but just 11 points away is Aston Martin, who will attempt the ‘sorpasso’ this Sunday.

And he will do it with the help of Fernando Alonso who is looking to close the season as he started it, fighting for the podium with the Red Bulls and the Ferraris.

Undoubtedly, a complicated goal considering that the Italian team finishes very well and that They are playing for the runners-up position with Mercedes, who lead them by just four points.

Alonso also faced another exciting challenge in the final race, breaking a tie with Carlos Sainz in fourth place. of the drivers’ world championship. Both have 200 points, so whoever comes first in one wins… courtesy of Lando Norris (195) and Charles Leclerc (188), who also have a chance to make it.

All this after an eventful Las Vegas GP for the Asturian, who finished ninth after finding himself in a very complicated situation in the first corner. In 18th position, with car damage and the whole race ahead.

Undoubtedly, a delicate situation in a circuit unlike any other and it didn’t seem to leave a good taste in his mouth. “We need a balance, as we said this week. It is not very fun to drive this kind of circuit at a speed of 360 kilometers per hour without gripwithout visibility, rebounds and that type of things,” he lamented after the race.

The two-time world champion reflects the priorities that Formula 1 should have.I think we have to balance the championship and balance the calendar. “I think that’s what we’re doing, but I don’t think it’s the only way to go,” he said before sending the next message on the American route.

I know that the spectacle from the outside may look good, but these cars are not made to take corners at 80 km / h. “These cars are made to go to Suzuka, to Barcelona, ​​​​​​to Silverstone and maximize the potential of F1,” he said.

Regarding the race itself, Alonso declared that they “did more than we thought. Lance (Stroll) started 19th and finished 5th in the lead, and To me we lost the opportunity to do more, but as much as possible… tenth in the time trial, 9th in the race, same car in the points, we have to see the positive side.

Source: La Verdad


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