The decision of the 2030 World Cup venue, is the responsibility of the federations


He Government has ensured that the selection of the headquarters of Soccer World Cup 2030that Spain will organize with Portugal and Morocco“it is a decision that is the responsibility of the national federations that make up the candidature” and that the subsidy of 7.5 million euros was granted to Spanish Federation (RFEF) “It is not intended for renovating or building stadiums.”

“It is necessary to clarify the Government It does not decide the places for holding sporting events, but it is a decision that is the responsibility of the national sports federations that make up the candidacy; and, finally, to the FIFA Council, through the evaluation of a report that will be carried out by the FIFA General Secretariat in the coming months, evaluating the level of compliance with the selection criteria to host 2030 World Cup“said the executive.

In a written response to a question from the VOX group about the headquarters ofthe World Cup in Spain, The Government states that it is participating in a working group “to advance the candidacy, together with the RFEF and the governments and federative organizations of the countries participating in the joint candidacy: Portugal and Morocco, as a recently incorporated country” and ” thus ” It was communicated to the sports representatives of the autonomous communities and city councils.”

It also notes that on December 20, 2022, it approved a Royal Decree regulating the direct grant of a subsidy of 7.5 million euros to RFEF for the preparation and development of Candidacy for 2030 FIFA World Cup (Royal Decree 1034/2022, of December 20).

“This investment aims to strengthen the Spanish candidacy through activities such as holding meetings and events in different parts of the national and foreign territory; the establishment of a technical office for the coordination of events; the dissemination of initiatives through social media; the development. of the necessary infrastructure for training and technical centers for national and regional teams; and technological support; although it is not intended for the renovation or construction of stadiums, since this tripartite candidacy is based on the principle of sustainability required by “FIFA”Add.

Spain, Morocco and Portugal They presented their joint candidacy on October 28 in Rabat, FIFA’s sole choice for 2030, and said the distribution of places had not yet been decided.

Source: La Verdad


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