Lazio risk it without Vecino, its ‘Champions’ man


For Maurizio Sarricoach of laziothe Uruguayan Matias Vecino He is an important player in his squad, untouchable in the Champions League despite his small presence A series, where he was only a starter at one point. This Tuesday, the midfielder will not be able to play Celtic authorizes and abandons the lazio alone in the face of danger, without her man’Champions‘, without the personal insurance of the Neapolitan technician.

The duel earlier Celtic This is important for the Romans, who are second in the group. Quite an achievement, considering that Atlético de Madrid (1st) and Feyenoord (3rd) head to head, this will leave them in a very good position for the final day.

But the lazio are having a busy season in the domestic championship with the poor form of Ciro Immobile, came to the eleventh match after losing in Salernitana and, in addition, could not rely on its regularity in important matches due to the accumulation of cards. A drama that he hopes to return to a classification in the second round on the return to ‘Champions‘ after three years of non-participation.

Three yellow cards in a row, before Celtic and Feyenoorddeprive Neighbor of being in the field on the most important day.

Vecino is a major player for lazio in the highest club competition and Sarri he knows. Because he reads plays well, he is a thermometer for his teammates; knows its functions and knows how to create space for it to be Luis Alberto whoever orchestrated the play; and he is capable of doing damage in set pieces at his 1.90 m, as well as coming from the second line with danger. He is a very complete player for Champions Leaguewith the ability to decant the game without making a noise.

That’s all Neighbor for lazio in Champions League. At 32 years old, the Uruguayan international has re-established himself among the elite of Italian football. A torn meniscus in his right knee in 2020 halted his career at Inter, where he played a secondary role in the last two seasons, 2020-21 and 2021-22.

Sarri and the lazio They bet on him and got back the best version of the midfielder, who already has more goals (3) than last season (2) playing less than a third of the games.

In Champions Leaguecertainly before the Celticwas fundamental with the goal that opened the scoring and a holding performance in the final minutes that allowed his team to stay alive in the contest and finally win thanks to a struggling goal from the Spaniard Pedro Rodríguez.

That’s why the loss hurts so much Sarriwho also convinced him to stay the summer when the Galatasaray appeared to sign him. All, because it could not be different, in style Sarri.

The exact words I said to him to convince him?: ‘Neighbor, don’t touch my balls, you can’t leave‘”, the Italian coach acknowledged a few weeks ago.

If you have him in the squad it’s a check: sooner or later in the season you go and get paid. There are 6-7 months a year when it is smooth and reliable. He has never been a double-figure player, but he has two good qualities: he is strong in heading shots and also in coming from the second line.” he added.

Lazio will take to the field this Tuesday without their redoubtable Vecino, without their man’Champions‘. A reliable midfielder, a quiet worker who makes the work of others easier. A kind that makes money, one of the things Sarri does himself Champions League.

Source: La Verdad


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