Athletic, next season, more and better?


Imitates the usual farewell Greater Wyoming At El Intermedio, we can already say that “we will come back next season with more, but not better, because it is impossible”, and I don’t think we will be far from the mark, and I wrote this without any irony .

I know that, even if it’s a rebound, Inaki sent one to the stick, and that Yuri scored a great goal, that the European goal was close, and such, but Athletic did not play badly in Seville, and deserved to be beaten despite the desire they put in their high pressure, interrupting, and many, the game of that. from Lopetegui.

Yes, those Marcellin they were close to Europe until the end of the season, but the League put each in their place, and the rojiblancos were the eighth in as many days, as many as sixteen.

In Pizjuán they have attitude, they make the rival uncomfortable, there are bands and two powerful and powerful central defenders, but everything else is lacking, football, touch, precision, combinations are lacking … If I was a teacher I suspended everyone. A Inakia munia Victora vesgaa Danny Garcia -incorporated in the second part- I would have given them zero. So it is impossible to aspire for anything.

And I never forget Simon, who was saved from the most embarrassing ridicule, at the decision of the VAR. What a way to impose on a high ball. To look at him, hey.

Disappointment? nothing. I didn’t expect more from Barça and I didn’t trust Athletic, what do you want me to tell you. And about the eighth place, I think it’s good and worthy. Coming soon to celebrate. The man with one eye is the king of the blind. The next of the good ones, not too bad. Imagine yourself in the shoes of a Granada fan. At home, which is in everyone’s favor, there is punishment and Second. That was disappointment.

Crossing the Pyrenees is a utopia, a prize, almost a title for this Club, let’s not forget.

Source: La Verdad


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