Imanol: “All the less ordinary turned out well, Zakharyan was very good”


Imanol Alguacil He was pleased with the match his players played, but regretted that he was not successful in a match they wanted to win. “It’s a good rival that we have in front of us but we did well to win, and with some changes in the team. We didn’t get it this time. It’s a shame,” he said. Oriotarra made it clear that he was not looking at the classification or the rest of the game. “There are some who give turra to the bench, yes, but I don’t want to be told how the other games are going, and I haven’t done the math. I told the players to ignore that and pay attention to what is ours, which allows us to risk being first on our merits,” he commented.

The least common rule

The night of Champions has stars in the ‘underground’, and Imanol He wanted to highlight it. “I am very happy with the game they played. All is well, and Zakharyan very good I think he is at a high level, inside and out. He is dead at the end, of course, “he said. He also emphasized the performance of Odriozolaand put some but on Cho. “Alvaro It went well. This is his first game for this entity as a starter, but I removed him at the end just in case. AND Cho“Even though he knows how to do it better and it’s not right sometimes, he showed up and did a great job, I think,” he explained.

The one who played fewer minutes was Sadiq, which is the fifth change for a curious and simple double at the same time. “I didn’t pull him before because I wanted to save him some energy for the weekend. One day he played too much for the first time and then he hardly slept,” he said. Didn’t play Merino“for a little bit of everything” between the fear of yellow and that he is not 100%, but “before he comes on Saturday”, like Zubimendi“that’s not there.” Turrientes He played well and Oriotarra gave him courage. “He got it.” He also appreciates being unbeaten in the Champions League, but more than “how the team behaves all the time.”

Source: La Verdad


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