FIFA wants to install cameras in Qatar World Cup dressing rooms


In the purest American style, he wants the audience to be able to learn about the conversations with the coaches or the feelings of the players before they go on the field.

FIFA continues its efforts to modernize the beautiful game and whiten the image of the World Cup in Qatar, which has been criticized since admitting it is a country that violates human rights, especially women’s rights. The next event, which will take place from November 21 to December 18, will be the stage where the world organ led by Gianni Infantino performs several novelties that remain here.

To the implementation of the semi-automatic offside announced last week, we now need to add some production changes that aim to bring fans closer to the ins and outs of the matches and their protagonists. To do this, it wants to introduce cameras in the locker rooms, places that are traditionally off limits to anyone outside the team or roster in question.

FIFA plans to do something similar to what is happening in the various American professional leagues in the Qatar 2022 matches. The point is to allow the public to witness the pre- and post-match coaching conversations or the moment when the players preparing to jump on the field or return from the field.

In addition, he wants to restore the mixed zones, which have fallen into disuse since the outbreak of the covid and get the players to be a little more open to dealing with the press, especially at the end of the games. A more attainable goal than FIFA’s original idea of ​​holding pre-match press conferences at the Qatar National Convention Center. Although the distances during the World Cup are short, with maximum distances of around 70 kilometers, this possibility would be very cumbersome for the national teams, their training and planning.

Source: La Verdad


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