Todraser in court: – “Sorry, I took your loved ones”


A 50-year-old, who is said to have caused a fatal accident in the Mühlviertel on April 1, had to answer for death by gross negligence before the court in Linz on Wednesday. He is said to have rammed other road users during various risky overtaking manoeuvres. The last of these maneuvers cost a 28-year-old her life when her car was thrown into an oncoming bus. The verdict: nine months conditional, 7,200 euros fine, 15,500 euros in damages, not final.

“Everything just fell into place that day,” the 50-year-old defendant told the Linz court when he was charged with an April 1, 2022 accident in which Sarah Sch. (28) died through no fault of her own. of its own near Kleinzell in the Mühlviertel.

The indictment charged Rohrbacher with “grossly negligent manslaughter” and “negligent bodily harm”. Because he was stuck in a traffic jam for the first time at very high speed – “I was driving around 100 and I couldn’t see the license plate on the car anymore,” a witness said – overtook and touched two cars before hitting the 28-year-old. hit. old’s car in a failed maneuver and then threw it into a bus at the Kleinzeller crosswalk.

First pleaded incompetence
The defense first tried to factor in the defendant’s diabetes, wanted an expert opinion and pleaded innocence. “I’m sorry, I brought your loved ones,” admitted the 50-year-old mournfully, meaning, among other things, the mother and fiancée of the dead who sat in court, but then spoke of a “movie tear” – he can’t remember the accident. When the judge brought the statements to the police without major holes in their memory, the strategy changed. “I’ll take care of everything,” said the suspect. The verdict, which is not yet final: a nine-month suspended prison sentence, EUR 7,200 unconditional fine, plus EUR 1,000 in damages for pain and suffering for the victim, EUR 2,000 for the bus driver, who was on sick leave for 71 days, and a total of EUR 12,500 in bereavement benefits. for parents, two brothers and fiancé. Defendant wants to accept the verdict, but must first arrange the financing. The public prosecutor did not give a statement.

Mother was usually very calm
Sarah’s mother was calm throughout the trial, wrestling with tears when the talk came about the daughter’s planned wedding this year and found no words for the verdict.

Source: Krone


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