“Merquelanz is closer than ever and deserves it”


MD Gipuzkoa announced it and confirmed it Imanol Alguacil. Martin Merquelanz He is “closer than ever” to recovery and a return to football, which represents extraordinary news for the Irundarra winger and for Real. In his analysis of some of the parts of the template, Imanol He gave Zakharyan a strange piece of advice: that he should learn Basque if it was easier for him than Spanish, but he would soon be able to communicate with him and the rest of his classmates. And he also referred to Zubimendi as the same as De la Fuente, as the best medium in the world along with Rodrifrom the City.

On Merquelanz: “He’s closer than ever”

“We’ll give it some more time, but it’s closer than ever. With this last operation we’re right. There are so many times it’s like this and it’s not, which we’ll see, but this time it’s even better. I hope it’s the last. They have many operations and recoveries. The kid deserves to have a chance. There is still time for that. From what I see of him and what they tell me, he is in the last stage. Let’s see if he takes the last step, this is the most -complicated. He’s made amazing steps forward. At one point I thought I’d never come back.”

Tierney and Silva: “Every week that goes by, they’re getting closer”

“Tomorrow you’ll see if they’re ready to play at the beginning. Every week that goes by, they’re closer. They keep working hard and working hard when others are doing recovery work.”

About Zakharyan: “I told him to learn Basque, if it was easier for him”

“It was clear that, when he took on a physical tone, he was going to surprise those of you who didn’t know him. It’s a shame the language. I’m insisting a lot on him. I’ve already told him. to learn Basque, if it’s easier for him. It’s very important that he “releases himself, that he understands me immediately and communicates with his colleagues. He can help the team a lot. He has skills and quality and is a very good footballer.”

Zubimendi: “He is the best midfielder in the world along with Rodri”

“He wasn’t even touched, or anything. His ankle went, as it happens in many training sessions. Tomorrow is there. It’s not the first time this has happened. His ankles are twisted. The best news there are some players who can adapt to that position: Turrientes, Olasa, Urko… But I’m not saying it, the coach said it and I agree with him: Martin is the best midfielder in the world with Rodri . You can think of the competition as having a break. Physically enduring and enduring. It’s hard to take him off the field as long as he’s in good shape because he’s a top level player.”

Sadiq: “He’s 100% ready for tomorrow”

“It’s normal for players to sleep well after games. His problem is that he hasn’t been able to play 74 minutes and at the level we ask of him for a long time. He’s dead so he only played at the end. is 100% for tomorrow.”

Source: La Verdad


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