Alarms have been activated with Ter Stegen and his injury: risk of surgery


Alarms have been activated with Ter Stegen and his injury: risk of surgery

Xavi Hernandez He left a worried phrase in the air in his post-match press conference. Asked about Marc-Andre Ter Stegenthe Barcelona coach said: “score He has discomfort in the back and we will see this week how things are, anything that we have to express we will say. He has some annoyances that he hasn’t quite cleared up yet and we’ll see.”

With this sentence, the coach left up in the air the possibility that the German goalkeeper would have to miss more time or even (though it goes without saying) that he would have to undergo surgery. Locker room sources confirmed this. In any case, it is expected that this Monday more things will be known about the physical condition of the German goalkeeper.

Ter Stegen He was absent from the German team during the last international break due to low back pain which was treated with conservative treatment. However, he missed three games with the Barçathe Vallecano Ray, Porto and Atlético de Madrid.

This Monday he will undergo more tests to determine what to do with the pains that have not subsided and kept him from playing. So also Xavi said in his press conference that “anything we have to announce we will say.” It is expected that the player and the technical staff will remove the doubts shortly.

The operating room can be avoided as little as possible, but it is a possibility to study because the discomfort of the player does not subside and it is a problem that cannot be ignored because it can become chronic.

Source: La Verdad


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