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What a terrible year: the terrible earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, the endless war suffering in Ukraine. An extreme summer of primal forces and then Hamas terror with a rain of rockets against Israel. In the 36th edition of the Krone main book you will find all the topics from politics, lifestyle and society that moved Austria and the world in 2023 – newly summarized for you. We are giving away 40 copies of the “Headline Book 2023”.

What a year. Early this year, a terrible earthquake in Syria and Turkey shocked the world, killing 60,000. In Ukraine, misery continues in the second year of the war. Millions of people are on the run and fear the winter cold.

In Austria, an extreme summer of primal forces leaves a trail of destruction throughout the country. And on October 7, Hamas’ terror against Israel escalated with a murderous hail of rockets, killing 1,200 victims. The fear of 240 hostages begins.

The author duo of the “Headline Book”, Christoph Matzl and Christoph Budin, have selected the “Stories of the Year” for you and summarized them in the familiar style of your daily “Krone”.

Illustrated with over 400 of the best photos of the year. Garnished with the most striking comments from Michael Jeannée to Kurt Seinitz and a foreword by “Krone” editor Christoph Dichand. As an innovation, current stories that caused excitement, joy or anger after the editorial deadline are also delivered later: with the help of a QR code, the ‘headline book’ can be updated at home with the most moving stories that have moved us up to and including December.

We are giving away 40 copies of the “Headline Book 2023”. Just fill out the form at the end of the article and you’re in. The deadline for participation is December 11, 2023, 9:00 am.

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