The relationship between Landa and Bilbao that put ‘Landismo’ aside on the stage of the Giro queen


What they star in is scary Mikel Landa and Pello Bilbao 10 kilometers from Jeta, on the last climb to Valico of Santa Cristina. The team Bahrain-Victorius placed all its weapons a few kilometers ago, along with the Colombian Buitrago which was fast-paced in climbing and had Wout Poels who was brought down from the first escape to place himself under the command of his team.

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And that was the Dutchman when Mikel Landa and Pello Bilbao were hooked on the small group of selections. The latter fell to the ground and returned to racing discipline after a few meters, but after making an extra effort he eventually paid off. An incident that, as Bilbao himself admitted to Eurosport: “It was a chore, it broke our rhythm and the work we saw being done. I could have done a little more, but I can’t give the last haste, si Mikel has responded well. “We all trust him and we are on the right track. That was the first attack and we will continue to push the maximum every day. Once we see them evenly matched”.

Fortunately, neither Landa nor his bicycle was injured and the Alava man entered with the best of the queen’s stage. Italy is spinning.

Source: La Verdad


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