1-2: Cruel dismissal by Tudelano against Las Palmas in extra time


He tudelano suffered a brutal elimination this Wednesday before the UD Las Palmas (1-2). Painful classification of the Canaries for the round of 32 of Copa del Rey with a purpose Munir in the final play of extra time (124′), with the cooperation of the local goalkeeper, Pablo Garcia, and that decided a rare fight of the Navarrese group of Second Federation.

Spurred on by his spirited fans, the tudelano stand from the beginning to a UD Las Palmas surprised by their lowly rivals’ push, although the Canaries almost got on the scoreboard with a shot from Mark Cardona which fell into the wood (8′).

The one in Oriol Riera They were not afraid that there was a man in front of them. First division which are close to European positions. A shot from the local Alvaro Garcia can hurt those of Garcia Pimienta at 12′, but Mfulu He avoided the worst by a cross to God. A few seconds later, the place Dani Santigosa He also held the goal.

He didn’t give up tudelano in their offensive and in the 24′, Xabier Irurita failed to determine against the yellow goal after an unusual cross This is Barrera. The Palms He clearly controlled the ball, but the chances were for the Navarrese team.

Canaries are not comfortable with Municipal City of Tudela and they were lucky with the good performance of their goalkeeper, Aaron Escandellthat saved a few chances for the locals, who put a lot of pressure on.

The PalmsHowever, they took advantage in the 38th minute thanks to a great team game. Sorry Kaba enter the goal Pablo Garcia a ball he gave Mark Cardona within the area.

The visitor’s joy did not last long as Tudelano tied thanks to a severe punishment from Pejiño to Colau that changed Joel Rodriguez in the 42nd minute of a very even first half where the Navarrese defended well and gave the Canarians a bit of a scare.

After the break, the fighting group of Oriol Riera remained steadfast in defense against a UD Las Palmas which intensified their dominance in search of a goal that would give them victory, although there was no clarity when it came to attacking.

Emotions continue to prevail in a meeting where the Garcia Pimienta They couldn’t handle the fierce rivals in a titanic fight to reach extra time. In the 70’s, Benito Ramirez the goalkeeper beamed tudelano who claimed a penalty on Irritability right off the edge of the Canary Islands.

In the 82nd minute, the Navarrese team again came close to scoring, but the shot from Joel Rodriguez the remaining one took it Aaron Escandell. The modest group of Second Federation not broken and his coach waited until almost the end (86′) to start moving the bench thinking about an extra time that finally came to the great credit of tudelano.

In extra time, the local players began to show their enormous physical waste, but The Palmswith slow football, was unable to find spaces to disarm the hard-working Navarrese team.



the palms

CD Tudelano: Pablo Garcia; Mario Sánchez (Iván Martínez, min. 97), Borja Vicent, Mikel Santamaría, Ramón Riego; Irurita, Álvaro García, Dani Santigosa (Carbonell, min. 86), Sito Barrera; Colau and Joel (Gianluca Simeone, min. 97).

UD Las Palmas: Escandell; Sinkgraven (Munir, min. 80), Herzog, Álex Suárez (Moleiro, min. 90+6), Benito; Pejiño (Marvin Park, min. 66), Mfulu (Saúl Coco, min. 91), Perrone (Loiodice, min. 66); Cristian Herrera, Sory Kaba and Marc Cardona (Julián Araujo, min. 91).

The objectives: 0-1, min. 38: Sorry Kaba. 1-1, min. 42: Joel, penalty. 1-2, min. 124: Munir.

Referee: Juan Martínez Munuera (Valencian Committee). He showed a yellow card for Tudelano to Colau (45+2), Dani Santigosa (70), Ramón Riego (70) and his coach Oriol Riera, and the visiting players Marc Cardona (70), Álex Suárez (72) and Escandell (112).

Incidents: The match in the second round of the Copa del Rey soccer match was played at the Municipal Ciudad de Tudela.

see the match sheet

García Pimienta’s men scored with a shot from Munir in the 108th minute he caught Pablo Garcia. Much was at stake and nerves appeared in a brawl between players from both teams that never escalated. At the end of extra time, Saul Coco and Sorry Kaba They would have given victory to Las Palmas.

When the match seemed to be heading to penalties, the Canary Islands team scored in the 124th minute. In the last game of the match, Munir A quick counter attack resulted in a shot that found the soft hands of the goalkeeper. Pablo Garcia to penetrate the purpose of a tudelano that reached the limit The Palms and he fell with his head up.

Source: La Verdad


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