Ter Stegen, managed under total secrecy


Marc ter Stegen (31 years old) underwent back surgery in France on Thursday, as reported by MD. An intervention carried out in the afternoon under secret and stony silence by order of the German goalkeeper himself. Furthermore, at the moment the club has not released an official medical statement until the goalkeeper gives the OK, which could come this Friday.

The German international traveled in the morning accompanied by Dr. Pruneschief medical officer of the first team, who supervised the intervention and is scheduled to return to Barcelona this Friday.

Ter Stegen decided to go to Strasbourg to put himself in the hands of the team Dr Afshib Gangi, a fame in the field and a few years ago, for example, ran the Finnish Formula 1 driver Kimi Räikkonen. It wasn’t the first time Ter Stegen decide to have surgery and do it outside of Spain. A few years ago, to solve his knee problem, the German goalkeeper chose to undergo surgery in Sweden.

Once the operation is over, which will leave him in combat for several weeks, Ter Stegen The recovery will begin to return to the playing fields as soon as possible. No deadlines were set out of prudence, and they wanted to go every day, but Marc’s idea from the first moment he made the decision was to be well in January.

It is worth remembering that after a few days of reflection, and after losing the last three matches of Barça (Rayo Vallecano, Porto and Atlético de Madrid), the Barça goalkeeper finally decided on Tuesday to undergo surgery, after verifying that the conservative treatment had no effect and the discomfort continued.

Source: La Verdad


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