Ancelotti: “Bellingham will not have surgery now”


Carlo Ancelotti, coach of Madrid, reiterated his desire for the white team to maintain good playing dynamics and results tomorrow in Villamarín, he did not inform that Jude Bellinham will undergo surgery in the short term and did not clarify who will start the goal. against Betis, either Kepa or Lunin.


“Bellingham’s shoulder is getting better and better and once it comes out he’s going to have surgery, but if it keeps coming out it’s a possibility. He’s going to have to do specific work because it’s a special joint, but he has no problem playing and will improve,” he declared. the Italian at a press conference.

The hurt

“Every day I talk to Güler like I talk to all the injured. I took a long time because there are many of them. Güler will be back soon, next week he will train with the team and can play before the end of the year. Tchouaméni will soon return “, Militao and Courtois are doing well and Vini and Camavinga will return to the team after the holidays.”

Kepa or Lunin

“Tomorrow I will decide who will play. Fortunately we have two good goalkeepers, anyone can play and there is competition. Lunin has done very well in the past games, showing character and personality. Kepa is back and he’s been training too. will spin in the goal”.


He is back playing and at a high level. He has gone through difficult times and I am very happy because he brings something special to football. We have to control him a lot because he plays well.

Jon Rahm’s contract

“If they give me 500 million, I will walk to Arabia. It’s just a joke. Money is not important to me because since I was a child it was not important to my family. Now I have money but the most important thing is to feel good and I feel good here and “I hope this continues like this. I look at the present, I have ambitious goals and money is not the most important thing.”


“It will be a difficult game because they are good at home, they are a solid and well-organized team. We have to get the best out of ourselves. The goal is to maintain good dynamics. We are confident that we will be well. “

A week to work

  1. We had time to prepare well for the game, with good physical and tactical work because we had time. “Sometimes a week of work without a game is good, the team breathes and can play at a better level.”

Source: La Verdad


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