Djokovic, clearer than ever about his relationship with Nadal and Federer: “We are not friends”


They are considered the three best tennis players in history, and they also shared the same era. Novak Djokovic, Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer have 66 Grand Slam titles, 921 weeks as number 1 and they have starred in some of the most memorable moments of recent times.

however, Their relationship is not always smooth. Specifically, Djokovic’s along with Nadal and Federersomething he himself acknowledged in an interview on the CBS program ’60 minutes’ that will be broadcast in the United States this Sunday.

We are not friends because we are rivals, which makes it difficult as competitors to be close and share the intimacies of our lives that could be used against us.” confesses the current number 1 who, however, is confident that this could change once the three retire.

“We have shared the stage for so many years with great respect, so I hope that one day, when the curtains close, we can sit and talk and reflect, that would be amazing”.

Speaking to journalist Jon Wertheim, Nole also highlighted his desire for success. “I love to win. There is no doubt about it. Records inspire and motivate me” he said with a laugh before showing his surprise that the other players didn’t show that need.

To me this is completely normal. Be honest, be real and express your feelings. I’m just trying to be honest with myself and others and say what my goals and objectives are. “It’s simple,” he assured, in what could be interpreted as a touch on Rafa Nadal who, in an interview with Movistar+, said he didn’t feel “anything when I saw Djokovic win.”. Yes, I would love to be the tennis player with the most Grand Slams in history, this is what the sport is all about. But it’s not an obsession. I was not disappointed for one simple reason. “That I believe, that within my possibilities, I have done everything possible to make things properly possible for me.”

Some words that are not appropriate in Serbian. “That’s Rafa’s opinion and of course I don’t agree.“, he told Serbian Sportal.

I have my opinion, but I won’t share it because I don’t want us to go deeper.. “I have no intention of speaking negatively about him or Roger Federer, my respect for them outweighs any negative opinion I may have,” he added in an act of restraint.

Source: La Verdad


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