The court archived the corruption case against the Russian owner of Monaco


The Monegasque justice has finished the investigation of the case against the Russian billionaire Dmitri Rybolovlevfootball club owner AS Monacoopen since 2018, accused of corruption along with eight other people.

The investigation has been completed and it is now up to the prosecutor to make his recommendations before the judge decides whether or not to refer the accused to Monaco’s criminal court“said a Monegasque justice source at the end of last week.

It is expected to take several weeks before the prosecutor’s office Monaco make a decision. The judge will have the option to dismiss the case, return the defendants to court, or make a decision.”mixed together“, ordering a trial for some of the accused but not for others.

In addition to Rybolovlevsuspected corruptor in this matter, and his lawyer Tetiana Bershedasome personalities from this rich Principality on the banks of Mediterranean They were accused of being suspected of being corrupt by the Russian billionaire.

Among them are Philippe NarminoSecretary of State for Justice shortly before his indictment, his wife and his son, a former Minister of the Interior, Paul Masseron, Christophe Hagetthen Director of the Monaco Judicial Police, and his deputy Frederic Fusarias well as the former Director of Public Security, Regis Asso.

The corruption investigation was launched coincidentally in connection with another investigation into a dispute between Rybolovlev and a Swiss art dealer, Yves Bouvier.

The billionaire accused Bouvier of defrauding him of a billion euros in the sale of masterpieces, including the famous “Salvator Mundi” attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, which the Russian sold for 450 million dollars.

According to the indictment, Rybolovlev, who is in a judicial confrontation with Bouvier, took advantage of his good relationship with the principality’s police and justice chiefs to try to set him up.

Irregularities in the sale of the paintings led the Monegasque courts to annul the entire scheme between the two men. On Thursday, the Russian and his dealer ended their latest dispute over the sale of paintings when a Swiss court closed the case, following an agreement between the two men.

But even if the two men have both waived all forms of legal action, including in Monaco, this does not kill the proceedings on the alleged corruption.

Source: La Verdad


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