Fine of 35,000 euros – Grand Canal recolored: punishment for climate activists


Climate activists from the group Extinction Rebellion have given Venice’s famous Grand Canal a green tint. According to the organizers, a “loud cry” against the lack of progress at the COP28 world climate conference in Dubai. They complied: 28 people were fined 1,250 euros each – a total of 35,000 euros was owed.

Venice police are cracking down on environmental activists who painted the water of the Grand Canal green on Saturday. A fine of 1,250 euros was imposed on 28 people, for a total of 35,000 euros.

The 28 activists were also charged with disrupting public life as water bus services in the entire Rialto Bridge area were suspended for about an hour and twenty minutes as a precaution.

Ban on staying in Venice imposed
Five activists were banned from living in Venice for four years, police said. Some of the activists are students at the Venetian University of Ca’ Foscari. So you will not be allowed to go to university in the future.

The environmentalists are also accused of an unannounced demonstration and spraying hazardous substances, despite having assured that the liquid used “does not harm the environment, people or animals, and will dissolve within a maximum of 48 hours.”

The ‘Extinction Rebellion’ movement, to which the activists belong, emphasized that the sentences were disproportionate to the crimes actually committed.

“Enough is enough!”
Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro sees the situation differently. “We had to suspend public transport and navigation on the Grand Canal, carry out environmental checks on the water and check the recently restored columns of the Rialto Bridge. Venice is a fragile city that must be loved and respected! Enough is enough,” said the mayor. He called the activists “eco-vandals.”

Source: Krone


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