FACUA denounced the Royal Society for not selling Beticos tickets


FACUA-Consumers in Action denounced the Real society he is new Basque Consumer Institute (Kontsumobide) for discrimination based on origin and/or place of residence by not allowing the club’s fans to purchase tickets. Real Betis Balompié for the match to take place at Sunday December 17 and that will face San Sebastian and Sevillians, the consumer organization reported in a note.

The Basque team will pay tribute to this meeting Aitor Zabaletaa fan murdered 25 years ago by a member of Frente Atlético. Jokin Aperribaypresident of Real Sociedad, justified this refusal to sell tickets to the visiting team to avoid a repeat of what happened last year, when some of this ultra group from Betis entered the Betis fans. Atlético de Madrid. For FACUA, this argument is completely unacceptable because it means criminalizing all Betic fans.

What the law says

The association considers that the proposal to veto the entry of fans based on their origin or place of residence represents a violation of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the aggregate text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other auxiliary laws.

Article 47 considers a violation regarding the protection of consumers and users “any act that discriminates against vulnerable consumers for whatever reason or against any consumer or user for the exercise of the rights granted by the Law that it or its implementing regulations, not responding to their requests, denying them access to establishments or providing unequal treatment or imposing unequal conditions, as well as non-compliance with prohibitions of discrimination provided for in Regulation (EU) 2018/302, when such action is not a crime.”

Also, Law 4/2023, of April 27, of the Basque Statute of consumers and users states in its article 33 that “any discrimination based on sex, race, religion, place of birth, place of residence, disability or any other personal or social circumstances, without prejudice to the possibility of establishing differences in conditions of access that are directly justified by objective criteria.”

Law 10/2015, of December 23, on Public Entertainment and Recreational Activities also establishes in its article 22 that “the use of admission reservations cannot include, in any case, discrimination based on origin or place of birth, race, sex, religion. , opinion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other personal or social status or circumstances of the users.”

For all these reasons, FACUA asks the Royal Society to withdraw a decision that represents a clear violation of the current regulations, and urges Kontsumobide to open a file and sanction the Basque team for it.

Furthermore, the association informs Betis fans who have already purchased flights and hotels to travel to San Sebastián that they can report Real Sociedad to the consumer authorities to claim damages in the event they are unable to enter the against.

Real Betis Balompié warning

He Real Betis Balompiéin response to the decision adopted by Real societyannounced in a statement that it will not sell tickets to visiting fans for the match that will pit the two teams again in the second round of the championship at the stadium. Benito Villamarin.

FACUA warns the green and white club that, if it finally carries out its threat to discriminate based on origin or place of residence, it will also violate the said regulations regarding the defense of consumers and users.

Source: La Verdad


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