President Presa’s ‘Pullita’ against Trejo


Raúl Martín Presa, president of Rayo Vallecanoalready recognized the relationship with Oscar Trejo was “cooler” than before and assured that the Argentine, who resigned the captaincy a few months ago, is “the captain of a football team, not the solver”, a circumstance that made him “more pressured. “

The top leader of Rayo Vallecano spoke about the relationship he maintains Óscar Trejo, one of the most beloved players for fanjirroja fans and heavyweights inside the locker room.

“Now the relationship is colder. He felt more pressure, because as the captain everyone will ask him things and he is the captain of a football team, not the solver. There are many opportunities that are not in our hands solve said Martin Presa, in the comments on DAZN, before the match against Valencia.

“An example is the possibility that no African player will go to the Africa Cup in January. I will be happy if all twenty-five of them go and are internationals, but not when we have to play official matches where the an entity that generates the money depends. two percent of the GDP of Vallecas and generates more than a thousand jobs directly and indirectly,” he said.

“IN Óscar Trejo could be the same. You want to please yourself sometimes, but there are measures that cannot be accommodated. I think he is liberated, he is contributing as another, committed like the first day, and we are lucky that everyone is committed to the goal. “It’s the centenary year and what we need to do is achieve permanence, which is a tremendous achievement and more so since thirteen years ago Rayo didn’t seem to reach the centenary,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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