“The Spanish want to destroy the Premier League because it wins the most, so the Super League”


The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) will establish tomorrow whether the position of UEFA and the FIFA about creating controversy Super League football is contrary to European competition rules. The European court will make public its answers to the preliminary questions raised by Commercial Court No. 17 of Madrid, which asked the EU’s highest administrative example to clarify whether FIFA and UEFA abused a dominant position by blocking the threat of sanctions to create an alternative tournament, the Super League.

In an interview with ‘Gazetta dello Sport’, Karl-Heinze Rummenigge He was clear about his opposing position: “The Super League is a loser and it’s time to admit it; football belongs to everyone, not just the rich.” And he pointed the finger at what he believed was the culprit: the former president of Juventus Andrea AgnellYo. “Since that afternoon, Agnelli has removed the phone and lost everything, including his image.”

“I played football and I know that when you lose you have to admit it and that’s it.” For Rummenigge, the defeat of Florentino Pérez and Agnelli is clear: “It is in reality, in Europe’s rejection of the project. All that is missing is legal confirmation.” “Was I worried? So yes, not anymore. Within two days the bubble burst. I was in the Bayern stadium and Ceferin sent me text messages every five minutes to tell me: Chelsea, Liverpool, City backs down… It’s over” .

Rummenigge does not understand Agnelli’s position: “I understand that the coronavirus has forced the clubs to speed up, someone wants fresh money, but all that is unprofessional. I don’t understand it and as a person I feel sorry I’m with him. He’s president of ECA, he’s on the UEFA Executive, he’s president of Juventus… He’s lost everything, even his image.” “I called him in those days and he didn’t answer the phone, he didn’t have the courage to do that.”

A Super League with Arab and American teams

The former football player said that, if there was a Super League, “Serie A would become Serie B and the Bundesliga, the second division. Difficult tournaments. And do you know why all this? To hurt the Premier League, which only wins more because it is better. Especially the Spaniards: they want to destroy it and invent this tournament, the only one that counts.” And he added that the Super League’s alibi is to include the best teams in Europe “but its purpose is to include Arabs and Americans and organize an international tournament. Lose its roots.”

Rummenigge said: “Must the common people always win? Not in football, in football there is the unimaginable, emotion and not mathematics. Nobody in Germany will go to the Super League, there will be a revolution of the fans. We will prevail merit, to them, is money: you’re there even if you don’t win. “What’s left of the Super League? Well, two Spanish teams (Real Madrid and FC Barcelona) because Juve are no longer there or so I think.”

Source: La Verdad


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