The Jimbee DJs back home in an avoidable way


The Jimbee DJs back home in an avoidable way

He repeats this year’s mistakes at the palace, losing the rent in favor, missing a double penalty and poorly defending the opposing goalkeeper player

Jimbee Cartagena stumbles over the same stone again, this season a very reliable team away from home but increasingly erratic at home. Last night, at the Palacio de Deportes, Duda’s men repeated this year’s mistakes to fly two points against Jaén Paraíso Interior (2-2), forgetting the dream of leadership, but at least keeping the second position due to the draw of Movistar Inter Sevilla. There are only two days left in the regular season and it will be a very thin line to keep that spot for the ‘play-offs’ for the league title.

Chemi, Jesús Izquierdo, Luçao, Motta and Saiotti (initial quintet). Meira, Marinovic, Bebe, Solano and Mellado also played along.

Henrique, Attos, Carlitos, Míchel and Alan Brandi (initial quintet). Antonio, Bruno Petry, Jorge Santos, Dani Martín, César and Felipe Mancha also played.

Last night the same thing happened at home this season against Ribera Navarra (4-5), Zaragoza (5-5), Betis (2-2) and Manzanares (3-3), all matches certainly finished that escaped in the end . Fundamentally for two reasons that have been repeated: last minute management, goalkeeper player defense and the double penalty foul.

Replay of the play against Jaén, the classic Jimbee toothache every season. The people from Jaén have already bungled the passage to the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey and last night they complicated second position for the meloneros. Duda’s men were nearly half an hour ahead of the scoreboard, thanks to a gift from Carlitos in forbidden territory that Bebe took advantage of to overwhelm Henrique (1-0).

Even more in favor was the night Marinovic hooked in a sensational volley from a throw-in. He straightened it out so well that some fans looked up to the scoreboard and wanted a repeat (2-0). The Croat, whose contract is expiring, has been showing up for five days in a row.

The worst thing that could happen to the Jimbee is that the next time the mishap comes in the form of an own goal from Jesús Izquierdo. There are already quite a few. It was then that the visitors were animated, first Attos and then Felipe Mancha. Chemi took two more from Jorge Santos and Bruno Petry, with the angel accompanying Mazarrón’s goalkeeper in the latter’s rejection. After the break, Míchel finished the post all by himself. There the approach to Jaén ended and the Jimbees began.

The locals had five very clear chances to take the lead, two from Motta and one from Mellado that seemed to go in. The game seemed to turn black for Jaén with the double penalty in favor of Bebe, wrong. To make matters worse, Solano crashed a ball onto the post and was blocked in the final attacks. Cesar, the goalkeeper’s player, headed an unopposed cross into the small area to embitter Jimbee at home. Duda insisted on the lack of a goal: in six of the last seven games he did not go further than two. «There are few in futsal and it is the ‘must’».

Source: La Verdad


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