ElPozo leaves the ‘play-off’ positions in free fall


Giustozzi’s men lose in Palma by conceding three goals in the last four minutes and complicating their place in the knockout rounds for the title

ElPozo Murcia Costa Cálida is already out of the ‘play-off’ positions for the title. Giustozzi’s team lost again last night in Palma. For a few minutes he showed a different picture, but in the end he stayed the same as always and lost a match that dropped him to ninth place. With two days to go, panic gripped the Murcian club, which could be left for the first time without fighting for the title.

Fabio, Tomaz, Eloy Rojas, Diego Nunes and Higor (beginning quintet). Cainan, Gordillo, Mancuso, Marlon and Neguinho also played along.

Juanjo, Leo Santana, Alberto García, Felipe Valerio and Rafa Santos (initial quintet). Marcel, Mati Rosa, Gadeia, Matteus and Juanico also played along.

Soulless and with a Juanjo managing to make the defeat hotter than it could have been, the butchers dealt themselves another blow in the Balearic Islands. Palma wanted to win and went for it, they lost and wanted a draw, then the win and they got it. ElPozo Murcia was ahead and behind. Then, even with the game of five, the Murcians did not create any danger and suffered another defeat. It is the worst streak remembered from the butcher shop.

The visiting team started off aggressively on the front line and powerful in defense against a Palma Futsal team that followed the expected script from the start. It is a very physical team that is always looking for one against one, where Cainan and Higor always come out on top. Eloy Rojas got Juanjo in trouble after two minutes, Cieza’s man already made it clear that he was not too busy to admit so much.

Rafa Santos always offered the far goalkeeper of Cieza’s goal, but both Tomaz and Eloy Rojas had studied their game and were barely able to create any danger against Fabio. Diego Nunes and Mancuso had opportunities to counterattack, but the Murcian goalkeeper was still successful, Mati Rosa and Gadeia also put Fabio to work, the Madrid player reacted well and the game got out of hand at times. Felipe Valerio accommodates the ball in the ninth minute and puts a very strong shot with the leather at the bottom of the mesh on the right.

The 0-1 changed the game, mainly as local dominance got a bit hasty, looking for a pass and looking for a draw on the fast lane, but the Murcian defense was not the same as on other occasions. Felipe Valerio and Marcel provided remarkable security at the rear, and Matteus also managed to stop a menacing Higor, always on the edge of the area.

Palma wanted the draw. But Juanjo denied it on four clear occasions by Eloy Rojas, Higor and Gordillo. The intimidation of Palma did not stop, however. The second act was a siege of the target of Murcia. And the equalizing goal came in the 36th minute, Matteus failed to beat Higor and the Brazilian had time to control and operate Cainan so that he scored with a hard shot. ElPozo was hit hard and a minute later Palma took the opportunity to quickly take the lead, while the Murcian players were confused and unable to cover a Mancuso who overspeeded and put Marlon on the 2-1 . The goalkeeper Fabio, from his area, quickly condemned 3-1.

Source: La Verdad


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