Sergi Roberto’s plan for his future


The emergence of the marking of Sergi Roberto coincides with several movements in Serie A, before the two goals were scored in Almeria which gave Barça a break this Christmas break. Through an intermediary, not directly to your agency of representation, the Inter Milan expressed his interest in hiring her, as MD learned.

Within Barça They know the Italian predisposition to sign him but the conditions do not exist to discuss his future. The player finished his contract in June 2024, he has no intention of leaving Barçaand the sports management does not count on his departure because the injuries mainly affect the midfield, although a cheap transfer will not hurt either.

Sergi Roberto He has ordered his agent, Joseph Maria Orobitg, no further proposals will be heard until April or May 2024, a month before his contract expires. The player’s desire to extend his contractual situation to Barça another season, but the club did not make any moves. The player trusts that a proposal will come to him.

Source: La Verdad


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