Real Madrid are the most important in Europe for the fourth consecutive year


The real Madrid is, for the fourth consecutive year, the most important football club in Europe according to the report The European Elite 2022made by the platform Football Benchmark.

The real Madrid is the only one to exceed 3,000 million euros with 3,184 and followed in the classification of Man Utd (2,883) and the Barcelona (2,814).

Football Benchmark featured that the clubs closed last year with an average growth of 10%, but due to the pandemic they have not been able to reach records for the years between 2016 and 2020.

The report explains that real Madrid “expanded its leadership thanks to its continued sporting and commercial success.” It also features that it is one of the few clubs that “recorded net income in times where the effects of the pandemic were experienced.”

In addition, “he underlined the new Santiago Bernabeu This will give the club higher profits and a potentially competitive advantage over the top teams in Europe. “

Position of European clubs in the amount per million euros

1 Real Madrid 3,184 million euros

2 Manchester United 2,883 million euros

3 Barcelona 2,814 million euros

4 Bayern Munich € 2,749m

5 Liverpool € 2,556m

6 Manchester City 2,483 million euros

7 Chelsea € 2.179 million

8 PSG 2,132 million euros

9 Tottenham € 1,912m

10 Juventus 1,597 million euros

11 Arsenal € 1,584m

12 Atletico Madrid 1,234 million euros

13 Borussia Dortmund 1,226 million euros

14 Inter € 996m

15 Milan € 578 million

Source: La Verdad


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