Van der Poel exploded in the race after some Belgians threw urine and beer at him


Mathieu Van der Poel He held on and held until he exploded. The Dutch cyclist achieved his seventh victory of the season in cyclocross and this Saturday afternoon he once again won with authority if ever World Cup held in Hulst (Netherlands).

The victory of the road cycling and cyclocross world champion was also reported due to a reprimanded action by the cyclist. On the last lap the Dutchman opened up a bit to the left and spat at some fans.

An action that later in the interview was justified by the winner by pointing out that “boos to me are constant during recognition. If you behave like this you better stay home and I will finish them. don’t repeat what they are shouting. After a time has been enough, also for me.

Some words that do not serve to justify his action, but help to understand his anger, that International Cycling Union (UCI) fined 270 euros.

Van der Poel added little to the matter, he simply retweeted the @Niomachiavelli account on the social network “Those Belgian fans threw him urine and beer. They are next to me,” the message read.

Source: La Verdad


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