Yuste’s curious request to Carlos Sainz that caused Laporta to laugh


President Joan Laporta led the expedition of Barça who visited the camp Dakar Rally and there he was able to visit some of the cars, motorcycles and trucks that now compete in the most famous rally in the world. Accompanied by the vice president Rafa Yuste and the managers Xavi Puig, Joan Soler, Ángel Riudalbàs, Xavier Barbany and Miquel Camps, Reporter He passed with the help of Carlos Sainz’s car and a strange scene unfolded.

In the video, published by the Twitter account @RallyCast, you can see how Carlos Sainz provides technical explanations to the manager Xavier Puig and then the vice president Rafa Yuste He faced the floor to make an unexpected proposal to the Spanish pilot.

“Well Carlos, what do you think of putting a Barça sticker on it?” he says. And youreason for the president to laugh Joan Laporta and the response of a Carlos Sainz who politely declined the offer.

“Give us a hug, go to dinner… all of this is lovely. But what you’re asking me now… I’m not anti-Barça,” he said. Carlos Sainzwho continued to show the Barça expedition all the details of his car in Dakar Rally.

It is worth remembering that Carlos Sainz He is a known fan of real Madrid and in the past he even joined the candidacy of Juan Miguel Villar Mr in 2006 to become vice president of the white club, but Ramon Calderon He won the votes and was proclaimed president.

Source: La Verdad


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