Klopp’s change of speech surprised the athletes


Jurgen Kloppcoach ng Liverpoolshowed his playfulness after falling in the final of Champions League against him real Madrid, by ensuring that the white team is “worthy. They are royalty Europe”. A few other words from what he said at the press conference after falling in the round of 16 of the same competition in 2020 against the team from Cholo Simeone: “If I said what I was thinking to Athletic I feel like the worst loser in the world. “

And the modus operandi of both teams is quite similar. As he real Madrid this saturday like Atletico Madrid in 2020 they base their success on defensive solvency, waiting to find an opportunity to counterattack. The statistics are there. In the final there were 23 shots from Liverpool, nine on goal, three of the whites, one of them on goal. Numbers similar to two years ago when English amassed 36 shots, 13 on goal for ten colchonero, six of them on goal. But apparently for Jurgen Klopp it is not the same.

Jurgen after losing to Ancelotti

This is what the German coach said after falling in the final match real Madrid sa Paris. “Another football result. I’ve seen the stats and we have the same assets, but we’ve had a lot more to shoot. The goalkeeper is the best in the game and that means something is wrong with the other team. We are lacking in the above quality. We’ve done weird things. We had nine shots and they were one. When the real Madrid His play is so deep, he has a threat of counterattack. I have seen many good things, but not enough. gone. I greeted the real Madrid. They deserve it. They are the royalty of Europe. It’s about winning. One day Real Madrid will lose in the final. They are not invincible. “

His reaction after Cholo was removed

A strange speech from what he said at his press conference after fall 2020: “If I said what I was thinking in Athletic I would sound like the worst loser in the world … I’m the worst person when I lose, so I get angry. I don’t understand why Athleticwith a quality that some players have, such as Koke either Saul, play football this way. He can play good football, but he prefers to stay and fight. It’s very hard to play against a team like this. We welcome it, of course. The boys put in a great effort against world-class players, defending using two lines of four. The only bad thing was that we finally scored the second goal. We deserved to go through, based on the entire performance, so obviously we’re very disappointed. “

Sobra oblak in 2020 as Courtois in the final in Paris they were the great heroes in a battle Liverpool. However, in one case he assures them that they are the royalty of Europe and in another that “if I say what I think about Atlético, I feel like I am the worst loser in the world”. What will be the difference?

Source: La Verdad


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