The British government has asked UEFA to investigate


British Minister of Culture Nadine Dorries asked UEFA on Sunday to open a formal investigation into the violent scenes experienced last night in Paris, which delayed the start of the Champions League finals between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

“The photos and accounts of Liverpool fans and the media entering the Stade de France last night were extremely disturbing,” Dorries said in a statement.

The country’s head of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports indicated that “thousands of people with tickets traveled to Paris at the right time to support their team in the most important game of the season.”

What went wrong?

“I urge UEFA to open a formal investigation into what went wrong and why, in liaison with stadium officials, the French Police, the French Football Federation, Merseyside Police and Liverpool Football Club,” he added. .

“It’s in everyone’s interest to understand what happened and learn lessons from these events,” Dorries said.

The final, which Real Madrid won 1-0, was marred by violent scenes witnessed -and spread on social networks and the media- before the match began, such as launching tear gas, stealing fans, assault and generally a worrying insecurity.

France announced a meeting for tomorrow

Meanwhile, the French Sports Ministry announced today that the organizers of the Champions League final, the French Police and other authorities will meet tomorrow, Monday, to study the mistakes and access problems experienced by fans in Stade de France.

“Together with the Minister of the Interior, we regret the incidents that took place on the night of the Champions League this Saturday at the Stade de France and we regret that some fans with tickets were unable to attend the match,” the minister, Amélie Oudéa , said in a statement. — Castera.

Authorities indicated that the priority now is to “identify in a very accurate way the failures of UEFA, French Football Federation, Stade de France, Paris Police Prefecture, the Seine-Saint-Denis department and the city council. of Saint-Denis “. The statement added that the goal is to “draw conclusions to prevent such incidents from recurring at our future major international sporting events.”

Source: La Verdad


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