The Premier League, a cry against the blue card


It’s about time. After learning this Thursday that the International Football Association Board (IFAB) plans to implement the blue card In world football, yesterday the first dissenting voices emerged from England.

“I can’t remember the last time these people – the IFAB – had a brilliant idea… If they ever did.” That’s how powerful it is Jurgen Klopptechnician Liverpoolwhen asked about the introduction of said card, where players who commit tactical fouls or protest referee decisions will be punished with a 10-minute ejection.

“We already have a lot of stuff”

His bank counterpart expressed himself along the same lines. Arsenalthe Donostiarra Mikel Arteta. “I don’t know if we prepared for it. We already have a lot of things going at once in decisions, technology… I don’t know if we’re ready for that. I hope they test it a lot before introducing it at this level,” said the Gunners coach.

A scream was joined Mauricio Pochettinopreparer of Chelsea, which is more blunt. “I think it will cause more debate and make everything more complicated for referees, players and fans,” said the Argentine, whose “first feeling is that it’s very complicated. “For now, it’s not good idea,” he concluded.

“For now, it’s just an idea”

Unlike his colleagues, Pep Guardiola He preferred not to comment on the subject. “It’s not official, so when they communicate the final decision and explain the rules so that everyone understands them, I will give my opinion. Right now, it’s just an idea,” said the five-time Premier League champion with City of Manchester.

First FA Cup tests

All indications are that the first tests of the criticized proposal will take place next season in the matches of the FA Cup, the English League Cup, both for men and women.

Source: La Verdad


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