The strange way of deciding who gets the punishment: “I want to kill them!”


A strange image occurred on Sunday during the Championship match, the English second division, between Coventry and Millwall (2-1). With the score 0-1, the referee awarded a penalty in favor of the home team. And that’s where the anecdote comes in.

Matty Godden, the Coventry specialist, He was on the bench and there were two candidates on the field to take the penalty: Haji Wright and Callum O’Hare. They both want to throw it away. Will do? How to decide it?

It is assumed that this situation is unexpected by coach Mark Robins, as Wright and O’Hare They solved it like two children. They played it improvising rock, paper, scissors and Wright won, converting the penalty. trick by goalkeeper Matija Sarkic.

“I chose the stone a little too late”

Wright revealed that he chose ‘stone’ although he added smiling: “I was a little late.” A prank that allowed him to discover the intentions of his partner, who chose the ‘scissors’.

It was the 67th minute and, only three minutes had passedthe American striker himself, motivated to beat his teammate and beat the rival goal, he signed another goal in the transfer, his tenth in the championship, and completed his team’s comeback, occupying sixth place, the last one that gives access to the playoffs for promotion to the Premier League at the end of the season. Millwall are 18th.

Coach: I want to kill them!”

after the game, Mark Robins wasn’t exactly pleased how his players decided who should take the penalty. “Rock, paper, scissors? I’ll kill them. I’ll talk to them about it,” joked the Coventry coach.

“It’s about who has the confidence to take the penalty. Haji was a regular taker when he played in Turkey (Antalyaspor). He is really a worthy taker, but it depends on who feels like it. The good thing is they both wanted in. But it should be more scientific than that.”

Robins concluded: “You’re brilliant guys, work this out among yourselves, I’m not going to get involved in every detail of micromanagement. But I still want to kill you!”

Source: La Verdad


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