‘You have to do more than words’


He has pointed out that Israeli operations in southern Gaza are “excessive” and endanger the humanitarian situation of millions of Palestinians.

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy, Joseph Borrellpointed out on Monday that Israeli operations are in southern Gaza “excessive” and endangering the humanitarian situation of millions of Palestinians, with the aim of the United States becoming a arms embargo against Israel to reduce the number of deaths in the Gaza Strip, after pointing out that we must ‘do more than just express our concern’.

In statements from Brussels, where he is participating in a meeting of Ministers of Cooperation, where the intervention of the Commissioner General of the United Nations Organization for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) will take place: Philippe Lazzarinithe head of European diplomacy has focused on the situation in Rafah, the scene of Israel’s latest military operations that brought supplies to the Gaza Strip under control and threaten a worsening of the serious humanitarian situation.

“My question is: what do we think we should do, other than words? In the EU we believe that the death toll is too high, is there a way to reduce this? The EU does not send weapons, others do. And if you think the death toll is very high, maybe you can do something to lower ithe assured, citing Washington’s concerns.

The High Representative has insisted that pressure must be brought to bear on Israel to halt operations in the southern Gaza Strip, which, as he has warned, creates tension with Egypt. In this sense, he has warned that the Palestinians cannot leave the Rafah area. “They are locked up, they are being bombed with no way to escape,” he said.

Source: EITB


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