Excitement in Bad Ischl – Naked “powder dance” causes violent reactions


Naked facts at the opening of the Year of Capital of Culture in Bad Ischl are causing many critical voices on social media. Because not everyone understands the performed “powder dance”, but there are also positive voices. Read the reactions to the performance with the ‘Krone’ and what the choreographer himself has to say about it.

Some find it brave and wonderful, others repulsive: the literally naked ‘powder dance’ of the famous choreographer Doris Uhlich on Saturday at the end of the opening of the Capital of Culture year in Bad Ischl is still causing a stir on social media.

For example, a woman from Ischl wrote on Facebook: “The ‘powder dance’ caused great outrage among the population. Why was this approved by the mayor and director?” Anyone who walks naked through the crowd at a major event representing an imperial city is taken away by the police as a pervert, she continues. “An unparalleled disgrace.”

Critical questions on social media
Also on Facebook, a woman from Laakirchen asked the critical question: “Does it have to scream for nudity and abstract, pointless, exaggerated, sexual and strange curiosities everywhere?”

Phones got hot
There are also many angry calls to the Cultural Capital Year office, spokeswoman Christina Werner told ‘Krone’: “But if you talk to people and explain what the performance was about, they usually calm down quickly.”

“Beauty and diversity of the body”
The art scene obviously sees things differently: Christian Gsöllradl-Samhaber from ‘Literaturschiff’, for example, writes that performing arts are ‘complex’ – like Doris Uhlich’s ‘Powder Dance’. And that is why many people’s nerves are tense!

He would love this example of ‘performing arts’ from Doris Uhlich because it is creating a buzz and celebrating the beauty and diversity of the body!

That’s what the choreographer says
And the choreographer himself? Doris Uhlich in a statement: “The world has many bodies and in the works you see so many bodies. What connects us all in the world is that we are born naked, no matter what culture we come from. Every body is beautiful.”

Source: Krone


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