Garitano: “We get caught because we make mistakes when we’re young”


Gaizka Garitano, coach of Almería, declared in a press conference after the 0-0 draw against Athletic “You have to look at the circumstances. We have been ten for a long time. While we were with eleven, it was more equal. The team showed strength and we were able to win. We went out. with some risks, it was not easy to play a better game”

About the absurd dismissal of Ramadani, He stated that “we are late because we are making these kinds of childhood mistakes. They are very young players with good things, but in one thing we are late. In every game we have one of these . Even today we were able to win,” he added.

About the Canary Islands player not debuting Jonathan VieraHe explained: “He didn’t train for a month or so. We have ten players with us and Viera has no place now. Circumstances have meant that he can’t play,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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