Valverde: “We won a point because we could lose”


Ernesto Valverde immediately acknowledged the bad match his team played in Almería. “It was not one of our best games. I give credit to the opposition, they didn’t let us play the way we wanted to. We didn’t get along and they didn’t leave us. We didn’t translate the numerical superiority into chances, we won a point because there was a moment we could have lost,” he said about the Andalusians’ last chance.

“This is how we are, I understand that we are fifth and we see those in front, like Barça, Atlético but we are a team that we have to play at a very high speed, play very high to the rival, bring rhythm to the game and have football and now we are not doing it. we have. We were not comfortable at the beginning. There were many unforced errors. We have not won yet. The difference in classification was not noticed on the field. They have also had their options,” he added.

However, the player from Gasteiz also emphasized the chances his team had: “The game was on our side, we had chances to win. Villaliber and Walls. In the second half, we could have won but it wasn’t like that, and they had a very clear chance. The tie is fair, it doesn’t matter to either of us.”

The coach did not want to justify his team’s poor performance with the damage accumulated by the Cup match against Atlético. “If we want to play consecutive games it’s not worth it, but we have to have a game and football and we lack calmness to determine. We haven’t done it yet,” he stated.

Txingurri changed at half-time Villaliber and First Gómez through Raul Garcia and Purify. He has already explained. “When the games are in a dynamic that is not good for us, we have to shake the shaker and realize that we cannot continue like this. “People are more alert, the team is better in the second half,” he added.

“They came back well, without space it was complicated. We weren’t very successful between the lines, we only had the lateral centers left. We weren’t fluid,” he stated.

Valverde He reiterated that his team will have to fight “a lot in this League.” “We are like other teams, we get rid of those at the top, as well as those at the bottom. You have to be sharp in all games. The League still has a lot left and if we are not higher then the higher is better. We are who we are and we know things to improve on. It’s not the first time we’ve lost, with Valencia we lost and drew with Cádiz. Until now, the team always responds when there is a problem,” he stated about the reaction he expects next Monday against Girona.

Source: La Verdad


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